Kingz Convertible Backpack 2.0

Black XL

Introducing the New and Updated Kingz convertible backpack now with Reinforced Stitching and Finishes.

Incredibly versatile and expertly designed, down to the finest detail, for all Jiu Jitsu athletes.This bag offers two main options: Option one: a regular backpack, fitting two kimonos with room to spare (48-liter volume) Option two: a large duffle bag, with separate ventilated compartment for dry and wet clothing (72-liter volume)

  • The bag has several extra pockets perfectly suited for all your training accessories:
  • A hard shell compartment at the top of the bag to protect glasses/mobile phones from damage.
  • A secret compartment hidden underneath the hard shell pocket to keep your valuables safe
  • A padded, protective laptop compartment.
  • Foil insulated side pocket to help keep your water super chilled or your coffee nice and hot.
  • A ventilated compartment for your wet training gear, which keeps it completely separate from your dry clothing.

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